DEAR - Drop Everything and Read

Drop Everything And Read time is better known as DEAR time. It is time regularly set aside in the school timetable for both students and their teachers to "drop everything and read."

Here at AIM North London, we begin every day with DEAR time from 8.11am to 8.41am because we recognise the importance of improving our reading. Each student has a DEAR coach who reads aloud with the class to help improve our vocabulary and reading fluency. DEAR time is hugely important for raising our reading ages which helps us succeed across all our subjects.

DEAR Books

Each DEAR class chooses a book with their teacher from the great range of books we have available.

Here are some of the books in our DEAR collection:

Chinese CinderellaThe Girl Who Stole An ElephantA Kind of SparkBlack and BritishI Am Malala

When the Sky FallsThe CrossingGood Dog LionWonderThe Hate U Give

Noughts and CrossesHere I StandResistNeedleLark

Example summaries

Wonder - R. J. Palacio

August ('Auggie') was born with a severe facial deformity. Written in the first person, Wonder follows Auggie as he experiences more than the usual ups-and-downs of friendships, family and a new school. The story is also told from the perspective of other characters, providing glimpses into their own behaviour and exploring the impact our actions can have on others. Celebrates the power of choosing kindness. 

In three words: Friendship, Courage, Prejudice

A Kind of Spark - Elle McNicholl

When 11-year-old Addie, who is autistic, learns about the 16th century women who were persecuted for withcraft, she starts to lobby for a local memorial in her small Scottish village. With the help of a new girl at school, she fights valiantly against injustice and oppression. 

In three words: Neurodiversity, Witches, Justice

I Am Malala - Malal Yousafzai with Patricia McCormack
Malala was born in the Swat valley in Pakistan during turbulent times of trouble and terror. Religious fundamentalists tried to deny girls an education. Targeted and shot because of her belief and bravery to stand up against this prejudice, Malala's story is shocking, exciting and surprising. Malala now lives in Birmingham. She says she has been given a second life, which she intends to devote to her belief that children everywhere deserve an education. In 2014, she was jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. 

In three words: Inspirational, Disturbing, Hopeful

The Hate U Give - Angie Thomas
One night, Starr and her childhood friend Khalil get pulled over by police. The police end up shooting and killing Khalil after apparently mistaking the boy's hairbrush for a gun. Starr is the only witness and has to decide whether to use her voice to try and fight for justice. What follows is a brilliant and fantastically told exploration of race in America - and of growing up, too. An important book. 

In three words: Racism, Justice, Courage

Boy, Everywhere - A. M. Dassu
13-year-old Sami has a good life in Damascus, playing football and computer games with his friends, nagging his parents for new trainers and trying to get time on the iPad. Although he knows there is war in the rest of the country, he never seriously imagines it will reach Damascus. 
When a bomb goes off at a shopping mall, shattering his little sister's childhood, his family decide to sell everything and flee Syria. So begins Sami's journey across Europe, and into danger, poverty and fear. 

In three words: Refugees, Harrowing, Empathetic