Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right courses?

It is really important to choose the right courses in the Sixth Form that will allow you to be successful in Year 12 and 13, and also in your next steps beyond Sixth Form.   If you have an idea about what courses you are interested in pursuing at University, check the entry requirements for this course at a range of universities. 

The Russell Group is the top 24 Universities in the United Kingdom. In order to help you best prepare for your A-Levels they have produced a guide called ‘Informed Choices’ which is worth reading before you make your A-Level choices.

Do I have to study GCSE English / Maths?

It is compulsory to continue with your studies in GCSE English /Maths if you have not yet gained a grade 4 or above at GCSE; this will automatically form part of your timetable.

What happens if I change my mind about a subject?

You will have an opportunity to try out our subjects and you can change your mind up to the end of September.

What happens if I don’t do well in a subject?

You will have regular reviews with your subject teacher, House Coach and parents. There are three internal assessments which will be discussed to review your progress across the year. Sixth Form study does require adjustment and it is not unusual for students to find it difficult, but there is a dedicated team of Sixth Form staff to support you throughout your time here.

If I want to apply to University in the future, what do I need to think about when making my A- Level choices?

Your choice of subjects will be key to determining the university courses open to you. Generally speaking, universities make offers of places based on three A-level grades or equivalent qualifications such as BTEC Nationals and Cambridge Technicals.

I’m not sure what I want to study at University yet how can I make a decision about what A-Levels to choose?

Keep your options open! Choose a range of subjects that you think you will be successful in.

How do I ensure progression into Year 13?

Progression into Year 13 is dependent upon the following:

  • Students sit a mock exam for each subject at the end of Year 12. They must pass the mock exam in each subject to continue to Year 13.
  • Attendance being at least 95% throughout the academic year.
  • Academic progress throughout the year; there will be three internal assessments in Year 12 and teachers will update the Sixth Form attainment and pastoral team of progress regularly.
  • Punctuality to lessons and behaviour around the Academy.

What would it be like to study at Aim North London?

Our Sixth Form school day runs from 8.45-3.10pm. There are four 75-minute teaching sessions throughout the day; depending on individual student courses, sixth formers will have taught lessons per subject and additionally independent study periods.   Personal study takes place in the Sixth Form Study room, and is guided by subject teachers.