We want our students to look and feel proud of their academy. We have the highest expectations for student uniform.

To prevent uniform getting lost, please make sure that each item is named.

Please follow this link to order uniform online direct from our uniform supplier:

School Yard


Price List 2020/21




AIM North London Blazer


26”-36” Chest 


38”-40” Chest 


42”-48” Chest 







AIM North London  
V-Neck Jumper

26”-32” Chest


34”-38” Chest 


40”-44” Chest







AIM North London Tie 

One Size 


AIM North London Backpack 

One Size


AIM North London PE Sweatshirt


XS - XL 



AIM North London PE Poloshirt


7-8Yrs – 11-13 Yrs 

XS – M 


L - XL 






AIM North London Sports Holdall

One Size 


AIM North London Reversible Jacket

7-8Yrs – 13-14 Yrs 

S – M 


L - XL 







Uniform Expectations 

Black Leather School Shoes

No plimsolls, black trainers, fabric shoe

Black School Trousers or Black School Knee Length Skirt

No black leggings, black jeans, black jeggings

Pleated or A-Line Knee-Length skirt or
full-length A-Line Skirt

White school Shirt

Top button to be able to be done up

AIM North London Jumper


AIM North London Tie

Logo to be seen just below the knot above the v of jumper

AIM North London Blazer


AIM North London Outdoor Coat (optional)

No other coats allowed

AIM North London Bag

No other bag allowed

AIM North London PE Polo Shirt


AIM North London PE jumper

No other PE/sports jumper allowed
Not to be worn outside of PE

Navy shorts or navy tracksuit bottoms

No logos, stripes or designs

AIM North London PE Kit Bag

No other bag allowed

Hair Professional Cut

No colours or lines in hair or eyebrows

No nail varnish or fake nails


No jewellery other than single stud earrings


Black or Navy plain headscarf

No design, brooch or sparkles