We have the highest expectations for student conduct. We will not tolerate low-level disruption, bullying or disrespect. We know students benefit from a calm and ordered harmonious climate for learning. Our clear and robust systems, structures and routines ensure that students can learn in a safe and happy learning environment.

We encourage you to read our Behaviour Policy, which can be found here.

Specific behaviours that will be recognised by a LEAD Values Merit include:


  • A student always offers to hand out resources in lesson
  • A student looks after a new student to help settle them into the school
  • A student regularly supports another student with language difficulties
  • A student regularly supports other students in their class with their work
  • A student welcomes and helps guest teachers / supply teachers
  • A student displays honesty in their actions
  • A student is true to their word – does what they say they will do
  • A student informs a member of staff about an incident involving another student’s wrongdoing (where others may have kept it to themselves)
  • A student helps to encourage a peer to act with integrity
  • A student can be relied upon to do the right thing, even when no one is looking
  • A student regularly greets you politely following good social conventions
  • A student is often seen holding the door open for people in school
  • A student shows courtesy in difficult situations instead of answering back
  • A student regularly communicates using respectful language
  • A student is seen regularly following instructions first time



  • A student has shown improvement in attitude to learning over several lessons
  • A student always makes an effort in lessons and never gives up
  • A student makes excellent academic progress in a subject over a term
  • A student produces an outstanding piece of work or masters a skill that required determination
  • A student shows evidence of regular amounts of revision/independent work/meeting deadlines
  • A student creates a piece of homework that goes above and beyond i
  • A student regularly participates in extra-curricular activity
  • A student uses their initiative to devise a solution to a problem which is novel and applicable


  • A student is seen voluntarily picking up litter around the school
  • A member of the public informs us of an act of good citizenship outside of school
  • A student volunteers their own time before, during and/or after school to support school-based programs (e.g. DEAR), activities (e.g. Sports coaching) and or events (e.g. Open evenings)
  • A student provides evidence of activities outside of school which demonstrate good leadership
  • A student consistently embodies school values and sets an example for others
  • A student does not wait till the new week, new term, new year to make changes they make the changes immediately


  • Students are able to articulate their goals in life
  • Students are able to articulate their plan to achieve their goals in life
  • Students are hopeful and optimistic
  • Students view life as it could be not how it is now
  • Students know how to be the change they want to see
  • Students have a growth mindset about their ability


If students fall short of our AIM North London Expectations they will stay for a one hour detention that runs daily from 3.10pm to 4.10pm