University Trips

Year 10 Visit to Oxford University

In line with our AIM 8 Entitlement, on Wednesday 5th February, 10 year 10 students visited Oxford University. They travelled with students from St Anne’s and Edmonton County and spent the day with current Oxford Students exploring the university. The students were really excited to learn about university life and the different courses they might take. They learnt about how to apply and what sort of skills universities look for. The students took part in an academic session examining artefacts in the museum and made the most of the opportunity by asking lots of questions.

We have other trips to Oxford University planned for later this year.

STEM Festival Trip - Middlesex University

On Wednesday 11th March, 30 students across years 8, 9 and 10 travelled to the STEM festival which took place at Middlesex University. Students had the chance to attend a lecture given by a top female engineer. Following the lecture students were allowed to roam the STEM festival stools where they engaged with many STEM related activities from racing cars, controlling their behaviour through mind control, testing their strength ( got a bit competitive!), interacting with a robot and many more.