Data Protection and Safeguarding

Accessing personal data: When accessing personal data for remote learning purposes, all staff members will keep to the protocols and school approved systems for accessing, processing and sharing data

Keeping devices safe and acting securely online: All staff members will take appropriate steps to ensure their devices remain secure and they behave appropriately when interacting on school systems online.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Keeping the device password-protected – strong passwords are at least 8 characters, with a combination of upper and lower-case letters, numbers and special characters (e.g. asterisk or currency symbol)
  • Making sure the device locks if left inactive for a period of time Not sharing the device among family or friends.
  • Installing antivirus and anti-spyware software
  • Keeping operating systems up to date – always install the latest updates
  • Refrain from storing any data outside of the approved system or device – e.g. noting personal data down on paper or storing on the hard drive of a personal device.
  • Notifying the school Data Protection Lead immediately when a data breach is suspected. During remote learning sessions, staff are expected to:
  • Refrain from taking secret recordings or screenshots of themselves or pupils during live lessons.
  • Only conduct video lessons in a professional environment. This means staff will be correctly dressed and not in a bedroom. The camera view will not include any personal information or inappropriate objects and where possible blur or change the background.
  • Refrain from contact or attempted contact of pupils or to access their contact details (including their usernames/handles on different platforms) in any way other than school-approved and school- monitored ways. Staff are expected to report any breach of this by others or attempts by pupils to do the same to C. Mitchell and P. McGrath
  • Keep a log for live lessons if anything inappropriate happens or anything which could be construed in this way. Live lessons are recorded and stored in the relevant Microsoft TEAM
  • Support a whole-school safeguarding approach and will report any behaviour which they believe may be inappropriate or concerning in any way to the Designated Safeguarding Lead
  • Refrain from behaving any differently towards students compared to when they are in school and not attempting to arrange any meeting without the full prior knowledge and approval of the school