Assessment and Feedback

100% attendance to online lessons is very important, at the start of each lesson your child’s teacher will take a register and students will be expected to respond. If a student is not present in the class then you will receive a phone call from a member of the attendance team.

During live lessons the opportunities for assessment and feedback of all students will be varied.

Students will be assessed each lesson through, this could be done a various points in this lesson and through the following ways:

  • RDNs – this is the start of each lesson; where all students will complete retrieval questions based on previous learning, students will be asked for answers and will mark the work live in class
  • Independent work – the main part of the lesson will be completed either in students books or on online platforms such as Hegarty Maths.
  • Each lesson will end with an assignment set by the teacher for every student, this assignment might be:
    • An extended piece of writing
    • A quiz
    • A maths or science task on Hegarty or Seneca

We will also continue to assess students with our Fortnightly Quizzes, these will look different for different subjects, but will be returned to the students with teacher feedback to facility progress in all areas.

Students will be provided feedback on all work completed live in the lesson, as well as feedback following submission of the assignment.

Feedback might be given verbally during live lessons or written via assignments. Some programmes used will also provide instant feedback for all students.