What Does Online Learning Look Like

Our online “live” lessons will follow the same teaching and learning principles that underpin all our teaching and learning at AIM North London, as we know these are well research methods which have evidence to show pupil progress.

Whilst each lesson will have different content, and the activities will depend on the subject the structure will be consistent throughout.

Part of the lesson

Expectations of student

How the teacher will support

How the parent can support

Starter - Every lesson will start with a Retrieval Do Now (RDN), this will recap previous knowledge.

Students will be expected to answer and mark the RDN in their books and provide feedback to their teacher if questioned.

The teacher will always provide answers and the opportunity to explain any students are unsure on

Ensure your child is ready for the lesson with the relevant exercise book and pens.

Teacher led model - Your child’s teacher will then model the concept being taught that lesson, this will involve all students listening and following, it will involve questioning from teachers.

Students will be expected to follow the model/explanation from the teacher, copying down any key information they are asked to do. And if questioned either type their answers in the chat or unmute themselves speak their answers.

Provide clear models, either through PowerPoint of use of a visualiser and allow students to ask any questions during this time.


Help your child to listen and focus during their live lesson, by removing their phone (if not being used for the lesson), and ensuring they have as quieter space as possible.

Practice questions will then be available to check for understanding of your child’s knowledge.

The expectation will be that all students are completing these in their book and contributing to class discussion and questions

Provide questions which follow on from their model and allow students to practice the new skill whilst being supported.

Encouraging your child to ask questions if they need help.

Independent work – this section of the lesson will be where the student writes an extended answer, or completes their Hegarty questions, or answers exam questions to apply the knowledge they have just learnt.

Students are expected to complete all independent practice in their book (as well as online in some cases like Maths). They will need to show all their working, and also send a picture of their work to their teacher.

During this point in the lesson teachers will still be in the meeting to help with any questions and offer feedback.

Ensure you child is focusing during the independent task and check in with them to see what they have completed and ensure they have sent a picture to their teacher.

Quiz/Assignment – every lesson will finish with a quiz or assignment to summarise the learning and allow teachers to provide feedback to all students.

Complete the quiz or assignment using their book as notes if needed and space for any working out.

Not to guess or skip questions.

Teachers will provide feedback to students on the quiz or assignment, this could be individual for longer answer questions or immediately feedback for shorter questions. Any misconceptions that will then arise will be addressed in the following lessons

Ensure that your child has completed the quiz or assignment for every lesson by the end of the school day.


In order for students to make progress it is vital they are attending all lessons. To ensure this is a priority the following actions will be taken:

  1. A register will be taken at the start of each lesson, which will require your child to speak with the teacher during the “live” lesson.
    1. If your child is absent for registration you will receive a call informing you off this from our attendance team, and we will try to work with you to cover come and barriers you or your child may have.
  2. In addition to this an effort and engagement score will also be given to your child each lesson, the guidance for this score is below.
    1. Each score will trigger a further event, which will involve parental engagement from different people within the Academy to support your child getting online.